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Ed.S. at OUSEHS Delivers For Even Experienced Administrators

Ed.S. at OUSEHS Delivers For Even Experienced Administrators

Tue Jul 12, 2016 at 01:00 PM

Nearing the close of my K-12 career as an educator and with retirement in sight, I enrolled in the Ed.S program at OU. I had completed a Master’s in Administration many years prior and had accumulated more than a few years of administrative experience as the Principal at Bloomfield Hills Middle School, but had not yet realized my goal of obtaining a post-master’s degree. I hoped to eventually teach at the university level and to re-discover my love of the pursuit of knowledge in the academic setting.

With fairly extensive experience and the knowledge from years of self-study, I was skeptical, yet hopeful about what I might learn. My previous degree pre-dated changes in Michigan school funding and school law, not to mention the plethora of mandates in the always changing educational and political landscape.

I was quickly impressed by the knowledge and passion of the OU faculty. Courses were taught by practitioners who worked and led in K-12 education as building administrators and central office personnel. The faculty challenged me to think deeply, read widely and write thoughtfully about current critical issues of importance not only to me and my district, but to educators throughout the state, the nation and the world. Coursework, projects, writing and research were highly relevant and directly related to my current position. The enthusiasm, wisdom and thirst for knowledge present in the younger cohort members was awe-inspiring! I made connections with administrators and aspiring administrators from all over the tri-county area and we all learned from one another.

I cannot recommend the OU Ed.S. program strongly enough. It was the perfect balance between challenging academic rigor and the many demands of a busy personal and professional life. The cohort discussion was rich, the reading and writing fascinating and compelling and the networking was interesting and rewarding. I would be happy to talk with anyone considering enrolling in the program at averill@oakland.edu I hope that you, too, will find it to be as stimulating, challenging and valuable as I did.

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