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Online Programs

Oakland University offers a growing number of online programs that combine traditional education with innovative technology. These programs allow students to complete all or most of their degree online. 

Online and traditional courses share many common features such as a teacher, classmates, a syllabus, reading material, course activities, and evaluations. The difference is that all or most of the participation in an online course will occur online. For instance, rather than having a face-to-face discussion in a classroom, you might participate in a threaded discussion board, or a chat room.

While some programs are 100% online, others are partially online and include a blend of online and on-campus courses. Depending on the type of learner you are, you may prefer one style of online program to another. 

You can review our online programs by clicking through the links on the left navigation.  If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through the request information button.