Buch, Carrie, PhD, RN


Associate Professor 
3045 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8715

Dr. Buch  has been teaching in the School of Nursing since 2000.Associate Professor, she teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses - most recently professional foundations courses at the undergraduate level and theory and research at the graduate level.Her research focus has been on quality of life at the end of life, caring practice and student outcomes. Dr. Buch  has served as the SON assessment liaison evaluation coordinator and the track facilitator of the MSN in Nursing Education track. She has also served on a number of university committees and has chaired the University Assessment Committee and the Teaching & Learning Committee.


  • PhD in Nursing from Wayne State University
  • MS in Community Health Nursing from University of Michigan
  • BSN from Oakland University

Research Area Interests 

  • Human Trafficking
  • Program Evaluation
  • Quality online teaching


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Professional Affiliations

  • Sigma Theta Tau Theta Psi Chapter
  • American Nursing Association