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Take a Tour - Simulation Lab in the Human Health Building

Human Health Building

Human Health Building

Human Health Building

Welcome to the Human Health Building! 
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The $62 million Human Health Building (HHB) – a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly academic facility – helps fortify southeastern Michigan’s reputation as a center of expertise in the health care field. 

The 172,000-square-foot building features a large auditorium, nine classrooms, a clinic, substantially improved and enlarged teaching lab space, and faculty and administrative offices for two of the fastest-growing academic units on campus. 

The five-story building’s tenants, the School of Nursing (SON) and the School of Health Sciences (SHS), find the collaborative setting beneficial as it provides a comprehensive learning environment that gives students an edge by better preparing them to enter the workforce. It is the first time both schools have been housed under one roof. Their shared home offers an unprecedented opportunity for interaction among students, faculty and community partners.

The teaching labs are designed to give health care providers-in-training experience in real-world scenarios. For example, nursing students will learn how to re-start a heart in cardiac arrest and work in pediatrics with simulated patient models. Take a tour of the Simulation Labs!

Along with the stunning architecture of the building, it was designed as an earth-friendly facility — from the recycled materials used in construction to the solar panel usage – providing optimal energy efficiency in cooling, humidity control and heating. Even the landscaping has been constructed to maintain the integrity of the wetlands and benches for basking in the beauty of the green space.


In The News

Our Human Health Building has won a construction and design award!