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Nurse Aide (CNA Certification)


Interested in Training to be a Nurse Aide?

The Nurse Aide (NA) program is offered through Oakland University School of Nursing & Continuing Education in Detroit, Michigan. This course provides basic fundamental nursing skills and preparation for state certification as a Nurse Aide. An NA’s salary ranges from $10.00-$14.00 per hour. Students must complete 102 hours to successfully complete this program.

Course Description: The NA courses introduce the theory and techniques involved with the role of the Nurse Aide. As a nurse aide, you will perform the tasks given to you by the nurse. After you finish the training program, you will be able to perform the following hands-on patient care procedures with supervision in the following areas:

 Daily care including bathing, feeding and dressing
 Vital sign measurement
 Range of motion exercises
 Application of hot and cold treatments
 Specimen collection 
 Care of the patient with acute and chronic illnesses
 Safety with patient transfer and ambulation 

Cost: $1200 includes: (does not include uniforms or stethoscope)

 Textbooks/supplies
 Laboratory/clinical experience
 CPR Training
 Certification costs

Payment Plan Options Available (See website / Student Resources)

Class Dates: October 2016
Class Times: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Admission Requirements


 Criminal Background Check 
 Health Screening, including TB skin test
 Flu Vaccination (during applicable semester)
 Urine Drug Screen 
 High School Diploma or GED 


Credential Earned: Oakland University School of Nursing Certificate of Completion 

Please contact Oakland University School of Nursing Continuing Education for questions or current schedule. Contact us at (313) 494-4653 or email 


Please visit Oakland University Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) website 

Rev. 11/12/15

How to Apply

Acceptance into the program is determined by a first-come first-served basis. You must submit all materials including the CNA Application and meet the criteria as stated in order to be eligible for possible acceptance.

To apply, please complete the Clinical Health Requirements and Health Assessment Clinical documents. They can be found on the Student Resources page.