Summer Institute 2002 Participants

Cyndi Andruszkiewicz ( is a fourth grade teacher at Moraine Elementary School in Northville, Michigan. She is currently completing her Specialist's degree in Educational Leadership and Administration. Her educational interests are brain-based learning, intrinsic motivation and implementing new strategies in the teaching of reading and writing. When relaxing, she enjoys scrapbooking, mountain biking and Krav Maga (mixed martial arts). 
 Carla R. Buggs ( I am a Social Studies teacher at Cass Technical High School in Detroit, MI. My students are my passion. I know that teaching is my calling and this is what I am to do with my life. I have been blessed to touch so many young peoples' lives and look forward to being a part of change in education today. 
 David Calonne ( is a Special Lecturer at Oakland University. His interests are in world literature, rhetoric, classical music. He is participating with pleasure this summer in the Meadow Brook Writing Project where he is learning a great deal and also enjoying himself immensely. 
 Betty Cook ( is a second grade teacher who has completed seven years of college and is now on her way to completing her requirements for a Masters Degree. She is self sufficient and in tune with the struggles of young Americans who have missed out on the treasures of the past. 
 Mary Cox ( has been teaching for 32 years in the Detroit Public Schools. She is presently teaching at Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School in the Math, Science and Applied Technology Program. She teaches eleventh grade American Literature and senior Research Writing. She served as President of the Michigan Council of Teachers of English and local chair for the National Council of Teachers of English Fall Conference in Detroit. She is serving in her second year as co-director of the Meadow Brook Writing Project.  
 Toni Gibson ( has been an early childhood teacher for 23 years and currently teaches preschool in Detroit. Her love of children's books and poetry spills out into the classroom and she hopes to find ways to improve the writing of young children. Toni loves gardening, cooking and her husband and two children. Right now she is writing a book based on the 200+ letters she saved from her correspondence with her mom. 
Jennifer Hardy ( is a resource teacher at Golightly Educational Center in Detroit and a Meadow Brook Writing Project fellow. She works with students that are learning disabled in reading, math, and writing, in grades 2-8. Her interests include teaching, writing and creating items for home decorating. 
Clark Iverson ( is a Special Lecturer in the Rhetoric program at Oakland University. His professional and scholarly interests include rhetoric and composition, poetry, American literature, magic realism, Chaucer, experimental fiction, and a whole lot more. He would like you to buy him an ice cream. 
Angela J. Jennings ( is a secondary English teacher for the Detroit Board of Education. She has taught English 1-8 at Cody High School for nine years. She enjoys reading, arts and crafts, and baking. Her specialty is chocolate chip cookies and Red Velvet cake. She attends Renaissance Unity for spiritual guidance. Also, she is a Prayer Partner at RU. She is the mother of one child, Camille. She enjoys spending time with Camille and helping her with academic and real-life issues. She is blessed to be the parent of a loving child. 
Bonnie Krystoff ( is currently teaching at K.B. White school in Detroit. After attending the Meadow Brook Writing Project she will impart this professional information to her colleagues. Future activities will include a trip to Maine as a photographer.
Helena L. Mays ( is currently a Language Arts teacher at Go Lightly Educational Center. She is a children's advocate who believes in helping students find their voice and then to use their voice through written and oral expression. In order for students to embrace learning they must feel validated and accepted. To create and maintain this environment in her classroom is her objective. 
 Kathleen Reddy-Butkovich ( is a teacher in the Plymouth-Canton School District and the associate director for the Meadow Brook Writing Project. She is a visiting lecturer for Eastern Michigan University Continuing Education and designed a series of graduate courses for teachers in her district interested in exploring the reading-writing connection in the elementary classroom. Her interests are children's literature, playing with words and grand conversations. 
 Janice Schippert ( is a first grade teacher at William Beckham Academy in the Detroit Public School System. She has been involved in teaching for approximately twenty-five years. Her teaching experience ranges from pre-school to teaching adults literacy at the community college. Her interests are Bible study, reading literacy book, walking, roller-blading, swimming, and playing with her two dogs. She is interested in healthy foods. She has been married 27 years to her college sweetheart. He is a high school math teacher and they have two kids who are attending college.
Ron Sudol ( is Director of the Meadow Brook Writing Project. He is also Associate Provost of Oakland University and a professor of rhetoric. His academic interests include writing assessment, rhetorical criticism, and public discourse. He is a member of the English Advisory Committee of The College Board, which is involved in adding a writing section to the SAT exam.
Dwight Whitfield ( is fourth grade teacher at Malcolm X Academy in Detroit, Michigan. He is also the author of "King Shaka's Fierce Battle on the Little Umkosi." This book has won several awards and given good reviews from the Detroit Black Writers Guild, the Michigan Coalition for Human Rights and from newspapers nation- wide. Dwight has a BA degree from UCLA, a MA degree of the University of Michigan and a Education Specialist degree from the University of Detroit Mercy. 
Heidi Grumelot ( is a teacher at Renaissance High School in Detroit. Her academic interests include the practices of building authentic learning environments, literacy and cross-curricular connections, literacy in second language acquisition and creating meaning through writing. She hopes to use these practices with her students in the study of subjects in American, African American, Southern and British Literature as well as subjects Spanish language, literature and culture.