Meadow Brook Writing Project
O'Dowd Hall, Room 147 and 147A
586 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482

Circle of Writers

Circle of Writers
We will celebrate our achievements for the past ten years by publishing a new book. We already have a working title!  A Decade in the Company of Writers  will be an anthology of yesterday and today, selected works from your Summer Institute’s edition of  In the Company of Writers  and your contributions of new and recent creative, scholarly, and professional work, inquiry and reflective writings: To celebrate ourselves, our profession, our writing, the Meadow Brook Writing Project, and the National Writing Project.
Who are we ?…   We are you! The Meadow Brook Writing Project Circle of Writers continues the exchange of ideas and the interactions we shared during our Summer Institutes. A few times a year, we gather informally to continue our personal and professional writing in the collaborative spirit of teachers writing with teachers, and friends writing with friends.

What we do
 have fun, socialize, and write!  We have no annual dues and meetings are free. Usually, someone leads us in a writing prompt or activity that we can enjoy for ourselves or use in our classrooms. Some of us bring our personal or professional pieces of works in progress. Sometimes we attend or sponsor special events, embark upon nature or cultural excursions, or invite guest speakers from inside and outside of the Meadow Brook Writing Project. Sometimes we invite family, friends, and colleagues. 

Contact Kathy Lawson for more information