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Undergraduate programs

Undergraduate programs

Skills in the mathematical sciences have become vitally important to our country and, as a result, have become valuable to the holder. Many years ago, mathematics training prepared one only for teaching or graduate school. That is no longer true. Many jobs, at attractive salaries, are now open to a person with training in the mathematics and statistics. Increasingly, industry prefers to hire people with the analytical and problem-solving skills that come from a sound training in the mathematical sciences.

These Web pages contains further information on the great need for people of competence in the many disciplines that make up the mathematical sciences. In particular, it will provide you with information about the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Oakland University, its faculty, and its programs. As you read, it will be evident that we care a great deal about our students and that we try to accommodate their interests in the best possible manner.

We invite you to visit the department at your convenience. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information or assistance. The departmental office is located on the third floor of the Science and Engineering Building (the eight-story tower at the south end of campus), room 368. The phone number is (248) 370-3431. We'd like to hear from you.

For further information beyond what is contained in these Web pages, please contact the academic adviser, Professor Darrell Schmidt (552 SEB, (248) 370-3433,

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