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Department Colloquium

Department Colloquium

2015-2016   Colloquium Series
Unless indicated otherwise (*), the talks will be held in 135 DH on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., with refreshments and conversation from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. in 368 MSC.


 August 28
 Sudhir Ghorpade
Indian Institute of Technology BombayNumber of Solutions of Equations Over Finite Fields and Coding Theory
 September 8
 Xianggui (Harvey) Qu
Oakland UniversityOptimal Plate Designs in High Throughput Screening Experiments
 September 15
 Krzysztof Bartosz
Jagiellonian UniversityTime and Spacial Discretization for Evolution Problems Arising from Contact Mechanics
 September 22
 Ravindra Khattree
Oakland UniversityHindu/Jain Yantrams, Greek Mythologies And Some New Mixture Designs for Interior
 October 13
 Valmira Hoxhaj
Oakland UniversityMechanics of leveraged exchange traded funds: Dynamics of leverage ratios
 October 20
 Stephen Wright
Oakland UniversityArithmetic Progressions, Quadratic Residues, Overlap Diagrams, and the Density of Primes
 October 27
 Ben Salisbury
Central Michigan UniversityIntroduction to crystals of tableaux
 November 10
 Nghia Tran
Oakland UniversityMetric Regularity of the Subdifferential
 November 17
 Li LiOakland UniversityBases in Cluster Algebras and their Geometries and Combinatorics
 November 19
 Aycil Cesmelioglu
Oakland UniversityA numerical study of a fluid-poroelastic problem
 November 24
 Naveen K. Vaidya 
University of Missouri-Kansas CityMathematical Models of the Within-Host HIV Dynamics
 December 1
 Assen L. Dontchev
American Mathematical SocietyNumerical Methods for Variational Inequalities

Alternative time for both talk and refreshments.

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