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Interested in studying at CFAU for a full semester or a year taking Chinese language or regular courses?
Please contact Dr. Melanie Chang.




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**Financial aid is available for OU students through scholarship and/or Office of Financial Aid. (Guest students not eligible.)**

H. Melanie Chang, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator
Modern Languages & Literatures
(248) 370-4248

Alan Epstein, Ph.D.
Program Advisor
Political Sciences
(248) 370-2358

Ms. Jan Baker
Financial Analyst/Business Manager
College of Arts and Sciences
217 Varner Hall
Rochester MI 48309-4401
(248) 370-4074


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Emergency Contact Information while the group is in China

International Education Office

Ph: (248) 370-2889
160E North Foundation Hall
Dr. Brian A. Connery, Director
Oakland University
Rochester, MI 48309

Ph: +86-(10)-6832-3894
International Students Section
Office for International Academic Exchanges
China Foreign Affairs University
24 Zhanlanguan Road,100037,
Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Address at CFAU
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Oakland University China Study Abroad Program
International Exchange Center
China Foreign Affairs University
24 Zhanlanguan Road,100037,
Beijing, People’s Republic of China

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China Study Abroad

China Study Abroad


May 4 -  June 13, 2016
Application Deadline: January 19, 2016 (The Tuesday after MLK Day)
Minimum Enrollment: 10 (max. 15)

 *Oakland University also offers short- and long-term Study Abroad Programs to China and Taiwan via affiliated institutions.  Please go to [International Education] for all programs.

LINKS: Facebook, Success Stories: Aaron, Dan, Navin
Blogs: Study Abroad in Beijing: AdamKatie; Intern in Quiyang: OliviaPatrick; Work in China: Patrick

- Open to all OU and guest students
Prerequisite: Completion of CHE 114 or equivalent preferred.  Students will be placed into classes appropriate to their proficiency of Chinese. 


Founded in 1955, the prestigious China Foreign Affairs University is the only institution of higher learning under the guidance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. CFAU trains personnel for professional careers in foreign service, international studies and other careers related to business, law and international law. Students and the OU instructor will be housed in CFAU’s International Exchange Center on campus or at nearby hotels. 


WEEK 1 - 4: Classes on Mon-Fri; Group tours on Sat; Personal activities on Sun.  WEEK 5: Tour in China

The program consists of an intensive 5-week language and culture study at China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing, in May and June. Topics will include Chinese handwriting, pronunciation, grammar and language for daily use (restaurant signs, slang, etc.). This is an opportunity for linguistic immersion into standard Mandarin Chinese and making friends with Chinese students who have a great interest in international affairs.

History and culture classes are taught by Chinese professors. Beginning level Chinese language courses are taught by instructors who are fluent in English; intermediate level Chinese language courses are taught in Chinese. Classes will be followed by visits to historic sites, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Ming Tombs, Temple of Heaven, Ancient Observatory, etc. A one-week tour of historic sites in Northern and Southern China culminate the program.

Participants should be interested in beginning Chinese language training or advancing their Chinese language skills in a Chinese setting. They will also need a healthy sense of adventure.


The program cost is estimated at a total of $6000-6300 (including program fee, room and board, visa application, travel insurance, round trip airfare from Detroit, in-country transportation and sightseeing expenses for Saturday and last-week study tours; excluding passport, personal incidentals, and OU tuition (depending on the number of credits taken: 4, 8 or 12)). A $250 non-refundable application fee will be applied to the program cost. (2012 cost: $5957)

February 1: Application [link] and $250 due.  For non-OU students, please also submit a brief statement describing your academic background.  Students should have valid passport ready before applictaion. (Students may send Ms. Jan Baker a check payable to "Oakland University" or provide her their credit card information.)

March 1:
Submit passport for visa application and application part II (release & consent forms etc.).  In March, you will be asked to submit checks payable to the travel and insurance agencies for the visa application, round-trip Detroit airfare, and travel insurance.  Please prepare  $2100 for these expenses (students will be notified of the exact amount and due date). 

APRIL 1: Please prepare $3850 for program fee, including (1) CFAU administrative fee, room and board, group meals and tours on the weekend, and (2) the last week southern China tour. (The $250 application fee will be applied to the program fee, i.e. students will pay $250 less than the total program fee stated above. Students will be notified of the exact amount and due date.)

--MAY: Departing for Beijing. Have a safe and unforgettable trip! --

End of May: OU tuition due date.   You will be billed for the OU credits that you enroll.  (NOTE: All summer tuition is due on this bill due date regardless of class start date. Please check the [Important Dates] webpage of the Office of the Registrar for the exact due date,

*We will need 10 participants with paid deposits by the due date in order for the program to proceed; otherwise, the program will be cancelled and all deposits and application charges will be refunded in full.  Once a student accepted admission into the program, the application fee is non-refundable.

**Financial aid is available through scholarship and/or Office of Financial Aid.**


Participants may choose to earn 4, 8 or 12 OU credits chosen from the following:

**Courses may be counted toward your Chinese or relevant major or minor.

IS 300: Special Topics: Modern China                 4 credits
Before students depart the United States, they will work with the accompanying instructor and/or their major adviser to design their IS 300 term projects. Students may use this course as the basis for undergraduate research and graduate thesis research. Due to the condensed semester, limited Internet access and one-week tour, students are encouraged to do as much research as possible prior to their May departure.

ML 390: Advanced Study of Chinese Language     4 credits
An intensive Chinese language course, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing sessions taught by a cast of CFAU faculty.  Students will be placed into classes appropriate to their proficiency of Chinese.

ML 391: Advanced Study of Chinese Culture         4 credits
Lecture series presented in English by a cast of CFAU faculty on Chinese history, society, political economy, national security, culture and other topics.