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OU Help Desk

The Help Desk is here to support you, our valued member of the Oakland University community, faculty, staff and currently enrolled students, with your technology related questions.  

Let us help you connect to Internet resources, find a solution to your technology issue or access the Oakland University email system. 

The Help Desk uses the following established priority levels to help ensure that the university is operating efficiently.

    Priority 1: The work of the campus is stopped.
    Priority 2: The work of a department is stopped.
    Priority 3: The work of an individual is stopped.
    Priority 4: Requested installation, activation or move.

Current Technology Issues

SMTP Server Errors? 

Are you using MS Outlook or Mac Mail to send and receive email messages?  If you are one of these customers and are having difficulties, please contact the help desk so we can review your email configuration settings to resolve the issue.  A recent change has been made to use TLS settings for outgoing mail server.  

Help Desk Tip of the Day

Windows 10 Release

UTS will not guarantee that Windows 10 devices will work with Bradford computer registration and business systems.  At this time, they do not support a system that comes with Windows 10 installed.

UTS expects to do a review, and have some update on direction for the campus by early 2016.


Having trouble logging into Webmail? 

Do you get an invalid username or password error? 

Solution:  Check your caps lock, reset your pin, change your password, or clear your Internet browser history.  Find all these solutions in the Help Documents Library.


The Banner link has been recently updated. 
If you are using a bookmark to access the login page.  Please change it to the following link. 
  1. Remove old bookmark (usually set to "")
  2. Navigate to ""
  3. Go to "common good core services" on the left
  4. Select "Banner Services Menu"
  5. Bookmark this page