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ABA: Applied Behavior Analysis


Research has shown that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), provided by individuals trained in the principles of behavioral analysis, can help individuals including those with autism to learn specific skills such as how to communicate, develop relationships, play, care for themselves, learn in school, succeed at work, and participate fully and productively in family and community activities, regardless of their age. ABA has a strong database of research to document its effectiveness with positive behavioral changes for a variety of populations.

Oakland University's graduate certificate in ABA and the M.Ed. in Special Education with ABA concentration are both approved by the Behavioral Analyst Certification Board (BACB).  

In order to earn the BCBA designation, individuals are also required to complete up to 1500 hours of ABA practicum or independent fieldwork, and pass the board’s national exam. 

  • The graduate certificate in ABA (18 credits) offers specific courses in behavioral principles and techniques that fulfill course requirements for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification.  Candidates for the certificate program should already hold a board-approved master's degree.
  • The M.Ed. in Special Education (44 credits) fulfills the BACB degree requirements; the ABA concentration courses are embedded within the degree.  Candidates for the master’s program must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree.
  • A variety of board-approved practicum / independent fieldwork options are available.  Contact faculty adviser (Dr. Jessica Korneder) for details.

For more detailed information on this credential, please visit

We are now accepting applications to begin in Fall 2017 (for those who need a board-approved master's degree) and Winter 2018 (for those who already have a board-approved master's degree).

The deadline to apply is July 15, 2017.

See catalog :
Admission Criteria
  • For the Graduate Certificate in ABA program: Candidates for the Graduate Certificate in ABA program must have a board approved masters degree: BACB.
  • For the M.Ed. in Special Education with ABA concentration program: Candidates must have a minimum of a bachelors degree.  5 ABA courses are embedded within this degree.
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • A personal interview may be required
  • Potential for success in the program
Below are the 10 courses in the ABA program, with a link to download the course description and abbreviated syllabus.

SE 570: Foundations of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
SE 511: Practicum - Foundations of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

SE 571: Behavioral Assessment
SE 512: Practicum - Behavioral Assessment

SE 572: Treatment Planning
SE 513: Practicum - Treatment Planning

SE 573: Research Methods
SE 514: Practicum - Research Methods

SE 574: Ethics
SE 515: Practicum - Ethics
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Past cohorts:
Beaumont Hospital HOPE Center
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How to
Our next cohort is scheduled to begin in Fall 2017 /  Winter 2018.  Completed applications are good for one calendar year.  For future cohorts, please contact Susan Martino below with any questions regarding the application process.

ABA Faculty Program Coordinators
  • Dr. Janet Graetz, Advising & Admissions    |   (248) 370-2620

  • Dr. Jessica Korneder (BCBA), Course Instructor, Practicum Advising   |   (248) 370-3080

For application questions, please contact