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Future Students

The Honors College accepts* high achieving students with an excellent academic record. This includes first-year students (high school applicants), transfer students and current Oakland students.

The Honors College attracts students from all majors, most of whom are recruited through admissions.

Join the honors college and...
  • Aspire to rise!
  • Get involved
  • Become a leader
  • Study abroad
  • Have fun!

* We see every student to assist in supporting you to reach your full potential. Even if you have been "automatically admitted" into the Honors College, or you are a Presidential Scholar, come and see us - we see every student who qualifies to join the Honors College. Sometimes this can be accomplished via phone. But we do want to see you so we can give you the very best support!  Please contact Professor Sandi Powell at or 248-370-4583  

Admission Criteria
In order to be accepted to The Honors College, high school seniors mus t first apply to and be accepted by Oakland University. The Honors College accepts students throughout the year. Students who fall into one of the categories below may be accepted to the Honors College.
  • Interested freshmen who meet the minimum requirements
    • The Honors College invites students who have a minimum 3.7 GPA and a 27 on the ACT to schedule an interview.
    • A personal interview must be completed for acceptance. If you meet the above requirements, you are not required to complete the application for admission.
    • Contact us by phone at (248) 370-4450 or email at to set up your interview.
    • During your interview, or after you have been accepted and decide to join, we will ask you to complete the Student/Parent Contact Form.
  • Interested freshmen who do not meet the minimum requirements
    • Students who score 22 to 26 on the ACT and at least a 3.2 cumulative GPA may still be accepted into The Honors College.
    • Students who fall into the above category must complete the application form below and, if approved, follow up with a personal interview. During the interview, the Honors College looks for students who display a willingness to pursue academic excellence and leadership opportunities.


The application can be downloaded here. It also can be mailed to students upon request or can be obtained from The Honors College office at 210 Oak View Hall. 

You may email your completed application to or fax it to (248) 370-4479. You may also mail your application to:

The Honors College
Oakland University
210 Oak View Hall
2200 N. Squirrel Road
Rochester, Michigan, 48309-4401
OU Students
Current OU students interested in The Honors College are required to have a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA and an on-site interview.

Students may contact us by calling (248) 370-4450 or emailing to set up an appointment.
Transfer students interested in The Honors College are required to have a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA.
However, all potential transfer students with a GPA around 3.5 (or above) are welcome to get in contact for an initial discussion. We also encourage students considering Honors Colleges to come and experience the Honors College here at Oakland, without obligation. 
At some point students who are accepted for admission here to the Honors College will be asked to come and see us for an on site discussion.
Transfer students have been incredibly successful in our Honors College; for example, graduating with "thesis with distinction" and even being awarded a prestigious Thesis Award for their senior projects.

Transfer students may contact us by calling (248) 370-4450 or emailing to set up an appointment. You can also arrange to meet an Adviser with specific Honors College experience and skills who can talk about your program in any major and how we can assist your future success through your membership of the Honors College.


Student Testimonials
Below are links to our YouTube channel, where you can hear what some of our current students have to say about their Honors College experiences.