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The Honors College

The Honors College at Oakland University was established to support high achieving students. 

Honors colleges often talk about being the best. We at The Honors College at Oakland know that what really makes an honors college "the best" is to give students the best support. We do that when we focus on your aspirations. The Honors College at Oakland University is one of the most established honors colleges in the U.S.A.. We draw on a strong 57-year tradition in the first university created with the direct curriculum input of Honors College students, as well as on our individual history as a dedicated honors college. Our students have won such prestigious scholarships and awards as those provided by the Fulbright Program, and they are consistently being appointed to leadership roles in all fields. 

The Honors College at Oakland University was founded on the principles set out by Matilda and Alfred Wilson when they donated their entire Meadow Brook estate to establish Oakland University. Those principles are that aspirational and talented young people benefit from the personal and individual interest of high-quality university faculty and staff. We seek to provide that environment for you, and we will be pleased to welcome you. Choose to excel!