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Graduate Forms

Faculty - Developing Graduate Programs and Courses
All forms are PDF's unless otherwise noted.

Graduate Student Program Forms

Graduate Transfer Credit Request

Graduate Transfer Credit Request for Oakland University Courses

Incomplete (I) Grade Contract

Petition of Exception

Request to Drop/Add Endorsement

Request to Drop/Add Graduate Certificate Program

Request for Leave of Absence

Petition for Course Waiver/Substitution

Petition to Repeat a Course

Petition for Time Extension to Complete Doctoral Requirements

Petition for Time Extension to Complete Master's Requirements

PhD Milestone Forms

Results of Doctoral Comprehensive Examination (PDF) | Submit Here 

Registration of Doctoral Advisory Committee (PDF) | Submit here 

Approval of Dissertation Proposal Form (PDF) | Submit here (Must use ADMNET Login)

Doctoral Dissertation Defense Announcement Form 

Graduate Readmit - Program Transfer - Guest

Petition to Readmit to Graduate Program

Petition for Program Transfer

Graduate Guest Application - For applicants who are not admitted at an institution listed in the MIGS application.

Graduate Guest Application (MIGS)  - Michigan Intercollegiate Graduate Studies (MIGS) Program Application Form

Graduate Assistantship Forms

Graduate Assistant Agreement

Graduate Assistantship Application

GA Direct Deposit Authorization (Excel) 

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

Michigan W-4

Federal W-4

Oath Card

OU Statement on Taxability of Scholarships and Fellowships 

Request to Work Hours Beyond GA Agreement

Graduate Fellowship (KCP) Forms

KCP Fellowship Application

KCP Fellowship Exit Interview

KCP Recommendation Form


Graduation Application (SAIL)

Degree Evaluation Adjustment (ONLINE FORM)

Change of Graduation Date (ONLINE FORM) (Coming Soon)

Curriculum Error (ONLINE FORM) (Coming Soon)

Request for Degree Confirmation Letter

Permission to Participate in Commencement Ceremony  (master's degree)

Registration Related

Permission for an Undergraduate Student  to Enroll in a Graduate Course

Request for an Exception to Enrollment Policy

Prerequisite Override

Request to Exceed Maximum Credits (DOC)