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Graduate Academic Governance at OU

Oakland University governance is shared by several decision-making bodies, each with areas of authority and responsibility. This page provides a guide to these decision-making bodies and helps to explain how the policies and procedures that govern graduate education are created and managed at OU.

Board of Trustees
Oakland University is governed by an eight-member Board of Trustees appointed by the governor to serve eight-year terms. The board provides general supervision of the university, including control and direction of all expenditures from the institution's funds. The board also appoints the university president as well as the secretary to the board and treasurer.

University Senate
The University Senate is an all-university governance body whose membership includes administrative officers, students and faculty members elected for two year terms to represent their academic units. The vice president for academic affairs is its presiding officer. It serves as a legislative forum that meets monthly during the academic year. The Senate recommends new degree programs to the president and the board and must approve the constitutions of colleges and schools. It determines academic policies and provides opportunity for public deliberation on issues of importance to the university.

Graduate Council
The Oakland University Graduate Council is a permanent standing committee of the University Senate. The Graduate Council is chaired by the senior associate provost, with its membership otherwise consisting of one representative from each organized faculty currently sponsoring a graduate degree program, plus three other representatives to be appointed by the Senior Associate Provost.

The Graduate Council oversees and assures the excellence of graduate education at Oakland University. The Graduate Council establishes the policies and standards for graduate admission, assistantships, and programs. The Council reviews established graduate programs and proposals for new programs of study and degrees.

Graduate Study and Lifelong Learning
As the administrative arm of Graduate Council, Graduate Study and Lifelong Learning has responsibility for ensuring the highest standards in student admission; for providing academic records management, academic standing and degree services for currently enrolled students; graduate program review; and for the authorship, maintenance and oversight of graduate policy and standards that promote high quality in educational programs and curricula. Graduate policy and standards are published in the Graduate Catalog.

Graduate Catalog
The Graduate Catalog is the listing of academic programs, degree requirements, course description, policies, and related information. It is published annually and available online. All data in the Oakland University Graduate Catalog reflects information as it was available at the publication date.