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Profiles in Government & Politics

State Senator Jim Marleau, 12th District

Please briefly chart the path that brought you to your current position:

I started as a township treasurer in Orion starting in 1996 and left in 2004 to run for State Representative.   I began my first term as Senator in 2010.

What do you consider the greatest challenge in the world of government and politics?

The biggest problem I see is lack of bi-partisanship.  My committee Health Policy tries to hold bi-partisan issues.


When it comes to public policy and societal issues, in which area are you most interested?

I am most interested in Health Policy and Insurance.


Which politician (past or present) do you most admire and why?

I really admire Larry Olbrecht who was the former head of Animal Control and former County Commissioner.  He really got stuff done.


Which non-politician (past or present) do you most admire and why?

 I admire Jerry Fisher who is a professor at Cooley Law School. He argued cases at the Supreme Court.  He fought for fairness for others.


How do you like to spend your down time?

I love spending time with my lovely wife Thea.  I enjoy spending time near water.  Marleau is French for Sea/Water.


Do you have a "bucket list" and if so, can you name three experiences you'd like to have?

            1)  Ride on the Coast Guard Ice Cutter

            2)  Wants to ride on a Jet out of Selfridge Air Force Base

            3)  Play with my future grandchildren


Can you share something about you that most people may not know?

Not in this business everyone knows everything about an elected person.


Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite food:


Favorite travel location:


Favorite book:

I read mostly newspapers

Favorite musician/band:


Favorite time of year in Michigan:

I love all the seasons here in Michigan. 

Favorite word:


Favorite TV show:

Shark tank

Favorite movie:

My favorite movies are old comedies starring Jack Klugman