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Test Anxiety


Read each statement, checking those that apply before and/or during a test.

Get nervous before and/or during an exam?
Find it difficult to keep your jitters under control?
Develop queasy stomach and/or cold, clammy hands?
Sometimes hyperventilate, feeling faint or light-headed?
Often find that the test - at first glance - appears foreign or unfamiliar?
Consider yourself a sensitive person when it comes to other aspects of life?
Have poor or unacceptable study habits?
Often blank out on exams exhibiting minimal recall?
Have a personal history of failure on tests?
Worry excessively about the prospect of failure and its consequences?
Have excessive pressure to succeed either from self or from other sources?
Often compete with peers, family members, and/or friends for grades?
Experience test panic because of the realization that you are unprepared?
Fear having to maintain the burden of success?
Have pressing concerns/problems that occupy your mind?

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