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Earning 28 credits in your first year is important to help you stay on track in your collegiate career. There are four key benefits to earning 28 credits. Review them below to stay on the fast track to graduation.

Don't withdraw from a course just yet. Make an informed decision.

Graduate Faster

  • Research shows us students who earn 28 credits are at least 25% more likely to graduate within 6 years. 

  • Students who earn 28 credits will achieve sophomore status and be on track towards graduation.

Save Money on Tuition

By taking 28 credits, you’ll be more likely to graduate sooner due to accumulating credits at a faster rate. By being able to graduate sooner, you will be able to avoid potential increases in tuition.

Maintain and Gain Scholarships

Maintain Scholarships

Most Oakland University scholarships require you to earn 28 credits in your first year to renew your scholarship(s)

Gain Scholarships

If you have not received an OU scholarship, you will automatically be able to receive the First Year Focus Award by earning 28 credits and maintaining a 3.0 GPA. The First Year Focus Award is worth

Register For Classes Earlier

Registration is based on earned credits. By being on track with 28 credits you will be allowed to register earlier than those who do not have 28 credits yet.