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Additional scholarships are available through various academic departments or programs and require their own application. 

Paying for College


Incoming freshman and transfer students can use this scholarship search to determine which Oakland University scholarship awards they may qualify for.*  

You can also download the 2015 Scholarships and Financial Aid booklet for all the same award information, plus legacy scholarships and need-based aid. 
OU scholarships and grants awarded to incoming freshmen and transfer students may be renewable if you meet the  Oakland University scholarship and grant renewal criteria


Note that there is no separate application for OU merit scholarships, but some awards (such as the Alumni Legacy Award, major-specific scholarships, OU-Macomb scholarships and international student scholarships) do require an additional application process.

*The scholarship search tool is intended as a guide. Some exclusions may apply.


The average annual cost for undergraduate students in the 2013-14 academic year is $11,460 (based on 30 credit hours). 

While you don't need to worry about any hidden fees at Oakland, you should consider other costs of attending college such as living arrangements and textbooks. The cost of books and supplies will vary depending on the courses you take, but a general estimate is $1,054 per year. Double occupancy on-campus room and board is estimated to be $8,895 per yearSee OU's cost of attendance site for more information and estimates.

OU's cost per credit hour differs depending on your residency and class standing. Many out-of-state students (including citizens of Canada and Mexico) qualify for a scholarship that covers the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition. See the scholarship tab for more information. 

Students who plan to attend Oakland University on a student visa (F-1) or an exchange visa (J-1) should check the tuition and cost tab in the international section of this website for prospective students. 
Compare Costs

When it comes to the total cost to attend college, Oakland University remains a bargain compared to Michigan's other public research universities, partly because Oakland is the only school that has no fees (no registration fee, recreation fee, health fee, course fee, program fee, technology fee, etc.)

To keep education costs easy to understand and affordable, OU students simply pay tuition. ( Students living in on-campus housing will incur room and meal plan charges when applicable.) Oakland offers the sixth lowest all-in cost to students for the 2014-15 academic year. The total cost to attend, in fact, is about 28 percent less than the state's highest all-in price and $728 less than the average.



UM-Ann Arbor$14,336$1,518$15,854
Michigan Tech$14,040$1,473$15,513
Michigan State$14,006$323$14,329
Grand Valley$11,028$540$11,568
Lake Superior$10,279$593$10,872
Saginaw Valley$8,691$1,428$10,119
AVERAGE $11,364$825$12,188

Figures produced by the Oakland University Office of Finance and Administration based on data published by HEIDI, the Presidents Council — State Universities of Michigan, and state university websites. 
While on-campus housing is not required at Oakland, more than 2,000 students choose to live on OU's beautiful campus and enjoy benefits like wireless Internet, cable TV, lounges with big screens, free parking and free laundry facilities. Students who live on campus can also take advantage of OU Housing's employment and leadership opportunities. 

Students can also get help from The Tutoring Center tutors right in their residence hall. With five residence halls, six student apartment buildings, a grouping of townhomes, and several learning communities, OU offers enough options to provide the perfect fit for you. 

On-campus dining options include an all-you-can-eat dining hall and a mall-style food court. Learn more about our meal plans

Double occupancy on-campus room and board is estimated to be $8,895 per year