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Tuition Refunds

Students must officially drop courses during the tuition refund periods to be eligible for reduction in tuition assessments. Refunds, if applicable, are based on the date of notification to the Office of the Registrar or on the date the last class was dropped via the SAIL system.

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Consequences of Late Payments

Late Payment

Payment in full of the total balance due will avoid assessment of a 1.5 percent monthly late payment penalty. Student accounts must be paid in full by the established payment due dates for students to be eligible to register during the next registration period. Online transcripts, diplomas or other statements of record will be withheld and students will be ineligible to enroll and/or continue to be enrolled in future semesters until the obligations have been fulfilled. 

Financial Aid Recipients

Grants, scholarships and loans are reflected on your student account and deducted from any university allowable charges provided all financial aid requirements are met. If your student account has an amount due, it is important for you to pay by the payment due date in accordance with the Payment & Cancellation page. If you have an amount due and your financial aid is not reflected on your student account yet, you must pay your student account balance by the payment due date or enroll in a payment plan and make the scheduled installments. 

Any late payment penalties assessed are the responsibility of the student and will not be paid by financial aid.

Common reasons why financial aid is not on the student account are:


Students who have not paid their student account balance in full by the established payment due dates may be canceled from all classes and university housing (if applicable).  Students who are canceled from classes will have their tuition charges reversed. Students who are canceled from housing will have their charges adjusted according to University Housing's terms and conditions.  Students who are cancelled from housing and re-register for 1 or more credit(s) must contact University Housing to reapply for housing as space is available.

If you’re canceled because your current semester charges have not been paid in full, you can re-register for classes (based on class availability). If you’re canceled because your past semester charges have not been paid in full, you can re-register (based on class availability) once the prior balance is paid in full.

VIEW all payment and cancellation dates and LEARN how to avoid cancellation on the Payments & Cancellation page of this website.

To view information about important dates, to access class schedules when available and to register for classes, visit the Office of the Registrar website. 

View previous de-registration calendars (Fall 2007 through Winter 2017).



You may pay your student account balance online through eBill. You will need your Grizzly ID number and six-digit SAIL PIN. The account will be credited immediately when paying by eBill.

Please remember that Student Accounts - Past Due holds will be removed 5-10 minutes after paying the amount due. Partial payments will be reflected in the hold amount within 24 hours. 

Students who do not have a current address on file may not receive an official 1098-T or other university mailings. Therefore, students who are missing an address will have a hold placed on the account which will prevent enrollment verification, graduation and obtaining transcripts and grades online. See instructions on how to change your address

U.S. students who do not have an SSN on file may be issued an incorrect form 1098-T. Therefore students, who are missing an SSN will have a hold placed on the account which will prevent enrollment verification, graduation and obtaining transcripts and grades online. See instructions on how to send us your SSN.

See the complete list of holds that may be placed on a student’s account and contact information.



By registering for courses or contracting for on campus housing at Oakland University, students acknowledge that they have read and accept the Student Business Services Terms and Conditions found on the Student Business Services web site.

Students are responsible for payment of all tuition and other charges assessed to their student account, as published on the Payment & Cancellation page of the Student Financial Services website The University will first apply all payments received to the oldest outstanding balances, if applicable, then to the current semester charges.

If a student account balance becomes past due, the University may among other things: 

  • Assess late payment charges as established by the University in its sole and exclusive discretion;
  • Refuse to allow the student to register for any future courses or semesters, receive other University services and/or receive a degree;
  • Refuse to release official transcripts of grades to the student and/or any other person or entity;
  • Exercise any and all legal rights it may have to collect an unpaid student account balance, including without limitation referring the unpaid student account balance to an outside collection agency, reporting the unpaid student account balance to a credit bureau, offsetting the amount due against any future state tax refunds due the student and/or filing an appropriate legal action against the student. BY AGREEING TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, STUDENTS AGREE TO REIMBURSE THE UNIVERSITY FOR ANY AND ALL FEES, COSTS AND EXPENSES THAT THE UNIVERSITY INCURS TO COLLECT AN UNPAID STUDENT ACCOUNT BALANCE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ACTUAL COSTS, REASONABLE ATTORNEYS FEES, COLLECTION AGENCY FEES NOT TO EXCEED THE LESSER OF 33% OF THE UNPAID STUDENT ACCOUNT BALANCE OR THE MAXIMUM PERMITTED BY LAW, AND/OR ANY OTHER EXPENSES OR COSTS OF ANY KIND INCURRED BY THE UNIVERSITY TO COLLECT THE UNPAID STUDENT ACCOUNT BALANCE.

Loans and Educational Benefits. The University may provide, extend or advance funds, credits and/or other financial accommodations to students, to be applied towards their tuition and/or charges, with the understanding that students will re-pay those amounts. All such amounts, other than scholarships, fellowships, stipends and/or tuition waivers, are loans and/or educational benefits which students must repay to the University together with late payment charges as established by the University. In consideration for allowing students to attend classes, students agree to repay the University for those loans and/or educational benefits.

If a student account has been referred to a collection agency, the student will receive notification from one of the collection agencies listed below.  All future contact regarding the account should be made directly to the collection agency. 
  • General Revenue Corp 
    (800) 234-1472
    Make payments and check your balance at

  • Williams and Fudge 
    (800) 849-9791  
    Make payments and check your balance at

  • State of Michigan 
    (800) 950-6227

What are the consequences for defaulting on a student account? 

  • Credit report damage 
  • No mortgage loans 
  • May be unable to rent an apartment 
  • Garnishment of state tax refunds 
  • May have difficulty obtaining car loans