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About the ESL Center

Are you interested in:
    •Improving your English language skills?
    •Improving your TOEFL or MELAB score?
    •Obtaining admission to a U.S. college or university?

Mission Statement
The mission of the Oakland University ESL Center is to offer instruction and programming that provide non-native speakers of English with the linguistic, academic, social and cultural tools required to successfully navigate both the American university system and professional environments for which English is the principal medium of communication.

  • Students come to Oakland University from many different countries around the world in order to improve their ability to communicate in English.
  • First, a student will apply to Oakland University to take academic classes or to take English classes only.
  • Once a student is accepted into the ESL program, he or she will complete an online placement test to evaluate his or her English level. 
  • The student is placed in the appropriate ESL classes in order to improve his or her communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • All ESL students attend classes Monday through Friday (fall and winter semesters) or Monday through Thursday (summer semesters) at specific times.
  • ESL students can take advantage of various free workshops that are offered on many different topics, including conversation, American culture, pronunciation, etc.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to become involved in campus activities, including the ESL Club.
  • Instructors are available to encourage, help and support student learning.
  • Free individual tutoring is also available.

Check out our brochure for more information!  (NOTE:  The address on the brochure is incorrect.  We are now located in 1024 HHB and 440E PH.)

Overview of ESL Programs

Types of Admission to ESL Center for ESL Courses


All ESL students are placed into the appropriate level of the following courses:                                                   


Continuing Education students must choose an additional course to take during the fall/winter semesters.  (They must take a total of four courses.)     


*  Full-time status requires Conditionally Admitted students to take at least 12 credit hours each fall and winter semester.  If students are conditionally admitted, ESL classes can be taken co-currently with academic courses for a total of  at least 12 credit hours each fall and winter semester.   During the summer semester, ESL students who are attending full-time will take at least 12 semester hours and may choose to take additional classes but will not be required to do so.