Courtney Brannon Donoghue
544E O'Dowd Hall

Associate Professor of Cinema Studies
Ph.D. Universsity of Texas - Austin


BA Texas A&M University - College Station
MA University of Texas - Austin
Ph.D. University of Texas - Austin

Areas of study

Media industries, Brazilian media, global cinema, local-language co-productions, cultures of production, distribution studies, film festivals, Conglomerate Hollywood, transmedia storytelling, blockbusters and franchising



Localising Hollywood (International Screen Industries Series) London: British Film Institute Press, 2017.

Articles and Book Chapters

“Adapting Lisbeth for Hollywood: The Politics and Franchising Practices behind Sony’s GWTDT Reboot” Future Texts: Subversive Performance and Feminist Bodies. eds. V. Kuhn and V. Callahan. Parlor Press, 2015.

“Sony and Local-Language Productions: Conglomerate Hollywood’s Strategy of Flexible Localization for the Global Film Market.” Cinema Journal. 53.4, August 2014.

“The rise of the Brazilian blockbuster: how ideas of exceptionality and scale shape a booming cinema” Media, Culture & Society. Winter 2014.

“Death of the DVD Market and the Rise of Digital Piracy: Industrial Shifts in the Spanish Film Market Since the 2000s.” Quarterly Review of Film and Video. 31.4, 2014.

“Brazilian Film Management Culture and Partnering with os majors: A Midlevel Approach.” Making Media Work: Cultures of Management in the Entertainment Industries. eds. D. Johnson, D. Kompare, and A. Santo. New York: NYU Press, 2014.

“Importing and Translating Betty: Contemporary Telenovela Format Flow within the United States Television Industry.” Soap Operas and Telenovelas in the Digital Age. eds. D. Rio and M. Castaneda. New York: Peter Lang, 2011.      

“Globo Filmes, Sony and Franchise Filmmaking: (Trans)national Commercial Industry in the Brazilian Pós-retomada.” New Trends in Argentine/Brazilian Cinema. eds. C. Rêgo and C. Rocha. London: Intellect, 2010.


CIN 325/ COM386 Understanding Media Industries

CIN 320 Transmedia Storytelling and Entertainment

CIN 450 Detroit Media

CIN 303 History of Film: Into the 21st Century

CIN 322 Indie Cinema

CIN 314 Transnational Cinema

ENG 260 Masterpieces of World Cinema: Contemporary Latin America Cinema