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Cinema Studies

Program Overview
Cinema Studies at Oakland University is the interdisciplinary investigation of the ways in which motion pictures are created, experienced and valued in our culture and around the world. Students in Cinema Studies will work closely with OU faculty to gain a thorough understanding of film history, become acquainted with various critical approaches to the study of film and receive instruction in elements of film production. This wide-ranging and intensive program will provide Cinema Studies majors and minors with the critical-thinking and communication skills to enter careers within the film industry and a variety of other professions.

The job market for graduates of the OU Cinema Studies program  is quite broad due to students’ acquired skills in critical thinking, written and oral communication, and creative practices.  Cinema Studies majors are also encouraged to take advantage of internship opportunities and join campus organizations, such as the OU Filmmakers Guild, that directly relate to their goals and interests.  The emergence of film production in Michigan has led to the creation of a variety of film-related jobs in the state, and those students with a BA in Cinema Studies will be poised to take advantage of these opportunities. 

In addition to the wide array of jobs in film production and distribution, Cinema Studies graduates pursue careers in secondary education, film festival programming, media criticism and other fields. They are also well-prepared for graduate course work in film studies, library and information science, film archiving and preservation, law and business. Speak with a Cinema Studies faculty member, College of Arts & Sciences adviser, or OU Career Center representative for additional information.