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Published twice a year, The English Channel, our award-winning alumni newsletter, aims to keep you informed of all the doings up on the fifth floor of O'Dowd Hall-- and beyond. 

What's in The English Channel?

  • the latest English department news
  • fiction, poetry, essays
  • student news and awards
  • faculty accomplishments
  • updates and notes from alumni

In recent years, we've added more and more bells and whistles to our now all-digital editions: color, hyperlinks, more (and better) photos. And we've got more up our sleeve for the future.

If you're not on our email list to receive announcements of each issue's release, drop us a note via email and we'll add you.

Check out our latest issue, (printer-friendly version) or, if you've missed one, visit our archives, available from the menu on the right.

And if you'd like to submit something to the channel (short fiction, poetry, a feature, an update for the Alumni Corner), you can do so on our Submissions page.