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Disruptive behaviors are frequent interferences with the classroom environment, disrespectful, intimidating or harassing behavior, excessive and unreasonable demands.

Common Issues
  • Unreasonable demands for time and attention both in and outside of the classroom
  • Monopolizing classroom discussion
  • Use of cellular phones
  • Talking when the instructor is speaking
  • Lack of attention (sleeping or reading newspaper during class)
  • Arriving late or leaving early
  • Coming to class unprepared to participate
Extreme Issues
  • Use of profanity or disparaging language
  • Intoxication
  • Verbal abuse
  • Threats
  • Physical violence
  • Harassment

There are some simple methods to reduce the occurrence of this kind of behavior:

  • Attempt to speak with the student in private — address the behavior and never the student
  • Outline and discuss what is acceptable behavior and what is not
  • Limit the topic of discussion to matters that are relevant to the class

If the student continues to be disruptive or behavior seems to become more severe, refer the student to the OU Counseling Center or our office.

In cases of extreme behavior that endangers the classroom environment or participants therein, contact the OU Police Department at 911 from any campus phone or (248) 370-3331 from your cell phone, or report the concern. Please remember to document all problem behavior in writing, including date and a clear description of the behavior.

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