Grizzly ID and PIN

The OU identification number called a Grizzly ID number, a system-generated number that includes one letter (G) and eight numeric characters. The Grizzly ID number is NOT related to your SpiritCard, and the number on your SpiritCard is not usable to access computing resources.

Get Your Grizzly ID Number
You can get your Grizzly ID number by:

  • Checking your admissions letter. Your Grizzly ID was provided in your admissions letter. You are assigned a random pin. You can go to the OU Reset PIN Web page to set it to any six-digit PIN after providing some confidential data on the Web page.
  • Logging into MySAIL and viewing your class schedule, grades or unofficial transcript. Your name and Grizzly ID number will appear in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Checking your employment records if you are employed with the university.
  • Visiting in person and showing a picture identification as follows:

Or by phone or fax to any student service office once the following information is received via email (NetID) or fax: a written authorization from the student requesting a release of the GID. This authorization must include the student's birth date, telephone number, fax number (if appropriate), date, signature and either a fax or a scan of a picture ID, preferably a driver's license.

Verify SAIL login
After you set your PIN to any six digits from the OU Reset PIN Web page go to the SAIL website. Click Login to Secure Area. Enter your Grizzly ID and PIN. Click Login.


You also can set your PIN Hint Question and PIN Hint Response on SAIL by going to the 'Personal Information' and 'Change Security Question' links. It is important that you choose a question and answer that is secure and one that you will remember.

Remember those six digits! You will need to get into SAIL again and again — always with your Grizzly ID and six-digit PIN.

Technical Problems and Issues
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