Katie Bumhoffer, 2014
Communication Major, Chinese Minor
Studied at China Foreign Affair University
Beijing, China, May-June 2012
In the spring of 2012 I traveled to Beijing, China for a study abroad program at China Foreign Affairs University. Nine other Oakland students and I stayed together in the residence halls for six weeks, taking three classes every day in addition to touring the country and exploring China's unique cultural history. Being completely submerged in their language and society was obviously beneficial for my Chinese minor, but it also contributed to my Communication major and overall college experience. China continuously pushed my boundaries and tested my personal character which is  crucial for obtaining an effective education. Exposure to an environment totally different than mine also helped me become more patient, understanding, and infinitely curious of other people and their own cultures. The world is a vast place - take advantage of all it can show you!

Chelsea Graham, 2013
Communication Major, Public Relations Minor
Studied through AHA International
London, England, June-July 2012
My time in London was one-of-a-kind. The program offered the most amazing opportunities for me. Where else could I have gone to see a famous Pina Bausch ballet, the British Museum, seen a star-studded play, and toured the British Parliament? I was taught by experienced journalists who worked for the Guardian and the Times; I was even taught by the publicist of a former Prime Minister! My cultural experience was just as enriching as my educational experience. London offered so many unique opportunities: from touring the Tate Modern to walking the streets of Camden Town, I saw every side of one of the most amazing cities in the world. The unbelievable time I spent in London cannot be replaced with any other experience.