Virtual Faculty Development

We offer video recordings of our workshops to accommodate faculty unable to attend the on-campus workshops (usually scheduled during the week, 12:00-1:30 p.m.).

Workshop Recordings

To access these videos, click here and login to eSpace.


We offer video recordings of our workshops to accommodate faculty unable to attend the on-campus workshops (usually scheduled during the week, 12:00-1:30 p.m.).

Workshop Recordings

To access these videos, click here and login to eSpace.

FALL 2016

Constructive Alignment
(9/14/16, 12 min.)
View recording here.
View slides.
  • Practice writing effective learning outcomes
  • Identifying how we know if our students have learned what we want them to
  • Review the keys to effective course design, implementation and assessment
  • Map how learning outcomes connect to assessment and why they are important
This workshop is facilitated by Judy Ableser (

FDI Orientation: Mentoring for Emerging Faculty
(9/14/16, 12 min.)
View recording here.
View slides.
  • Learn how this mentoring group can help support teaching and acclimation into campus life
  • as an academic
  • Begin to form professional and social networks and connections with other faculty who are also new/nearly new to teaching at a university
  • Learn how these sessions can provide an opportunity to extend, practice, reflect and reinforce skills and knowledge that are introduced during the “Nuts and Bolts of Teaching”workshops
This workshop is facilitated by Judy Ableser (

FDI Orientation: Designing Learning for All: Universal Design of Learning
(9/13/16, 52 min.)
View recording here.
View slides and handout.
  • Consider how to meet the learning needs of an increasingly diverse and varied student population
  • Identify the principles of UDL to reach learners both online and face-to-face
  • Examine best UDL practices in tech and pedagogy to increase student success
  • Incorporate concepts into instructional practices
  • Share knowledge and experiences within the FDI and with department colleagues as well
This workshop is facilitated by Amanda Nichols Hess (


Pre-Orientation Workshops for New Faculty (August 3, 2016)
Teaching and Learning at OUView recording here.

Judy Ableser, the CETL Director, provides background on the student demographics at OU, the university's priorities in serving this population and resources available to faculty as they develop their teaching.
Developing Your Syllabus - View recording here, view resources here.

This workshop digs into the work of developing or revising your syllabus based on OU's standards, your teaching and learning goals, and constructive alignment of course activities and assessments.

Moodle: OU's Learning Management System - View recording here.

e-Learning and Instructional Support introduces the platform for instructional content for your classes, from electronic documents and videos to online activities and assessments. Start building your course materials during the session.

Classroom Technology - View recording here.

Classroom Support and Instructional Technical Services ( CSITS) demonstrates the technology available in every OU campus classroom, from projectors and video players to computers and recording equipment.

Student Success Strategies
(6/15/16, 74 min.)
View recording here.
  • Discuss High Impact Practices and other classroom practices for student success
  • Apply practices through university-wide strategies
This workshop is facilitated by Krista Malley (

Mindfulness in the Classroom: Exercises for Your Students to Focus on Class Content
(6/7/16, 82 min.)
View recording here.
  • Define mindfulness and its relevancy to educational contexts
  • Discuss evidence-based research supporting the efficacy of mindfulness in educational contexts.
  • Practice mindfulness exercises, which may be used in classroom or educational contexts.
This workshop is facilitated by Katie Jostock.

Meditation in the Classroom: Helping Your Students Find Peace in an Anxious Time
(6/1/16, 81 min.)
View recording here.
  • Describe the methods and goals of basic meditation practices.
  • List some of the health and educational benefits of meditation.
  • Share experiences with three different forms of meditation.
This workshop is facilitated by Thomas Ferrari.

Social Media Tips for Teaching and Scholarship
(5/26/16, 42 min.)
View recording here.
  • Create a consistent and professional digital identity
  • Integrate social media productively into undergrad and/or grad courses
  • Plan a social media campaign
This workshop is facilitated by Jessica Tess-Navarro.


Work-Life Balance: Managing Your Service Commitments
(4/7/16, 72 min.)
View recording and handout here.
  • What is your role in service at OU?
  • Knowing when to say "yes" and when to say "no."
  • Importance of chair leadership in equitable distribution of service responsibilities.
This workshop is facilitated by WISE@OU.

Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in College
(4/5/16, 80 min.)
View recording and handouts here.
  • Understanding university students who are on the autism spectrum.
  • What are the needs of Autistic Syndrome Disorder (ASD) students?
  • How can we support students with ASD in our classrooms?
  • What are the challenges and limitations to having students with ASD in class?
This workshop is facilitated by Janet GraetzLinda Sisson and the DSS team.

Supporting Students with Special Needs
(3/29/16, 78 min.)
View recording here.
An overview of the types of students with special needs in our classroom will be discussed, as well as addressing how we can work with Disability Support Services to provide support and accomodations.

This workshop is facilitated by Linda Sisson and the DSS team.

tl;dr (Too Long, Didn't Read): Why Reading and Writing Matter
(3/23/16, 61 min.)
View recording here.
In this workshop we will discuss the implications and impact of students' reading difficulties on their writing, and research-based strategies for integrating reading and writing in every course.

This workshop is facilitated by Alice Horning, Professor of Writing and Rhetoric.

Writing an Effective Teaching Grant Proposal
(3/1/16, 68 min.)
View recording here.
This workshop will cover best practices for how to succeed in the application. This year's teaching grant: Enhancing Student Success and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).

This workshop is facilitated by Judy Ableser.

Surviving an Active Shooter Incident
(2/17/16, 83 min.)
View recording here.
  • View a video on preparing and responding to an active shooter on campus
  • Communicate with authorities
This workshop is facilitated by Chief Mark Gordon.

Helping Students Develop Reading Expertise: Novice vs Expert Readers
(2/16/16, 75 min.)
View recording here.
In this workshop we will discuss what research on expert readers tells us about goals for students' reading and how to achieve these goals in every class.

This workshop is facilitated by Alice Horning.

Emergency Preparedness and Report/Support Behavior Concerns
(2/10/16, 56 min.)
View recording here.
  • Overview of the University's Emergency Preparedness Procedures
  • What information is available and where to find/access the information
  • What behaviors to be "on the lookout for"
  • How to appropriately report to officials
This workshop is facilitated by Chief Mark Gordon and Nancy Schmitz.

Dealing with Problem Behaviors in the Classroom
(2/3/16, 57 min.)
View recording here.
  • How to minimize behavior problems
  • How to intervene with behavior problems
  • Creating a community of learners
  • Who, when, and how to seek help and intervention
This workshop is facilitated by Judy Ableser, Director of CETL.

Models for Faculty Mentoring
(1/28/16, 71 min.)
View recording here.
  • Models for mentoring will be explored
  • Examples of mentoring across campus
  • What could mentoring look like in your department?

Download the Faculty Mentoring Guidelines and Resources packet.

This workshop is facilitated by Kathleen Moore and WISE@OU.

Enhancing Your Courses with Academic Service Learning
View the recording and slides here.
This workshop provides strategies for how to transform your courses to include ASL experiences It offers practical tips for effective ASL experiences, and a rationale for the value for students, faculty, university and community in ASL. Without oversimplifying service learning, we address the challenges of ASL logistics.

Facilitated by Tanya Christ, Professor of Reading and Langauges Arts

Transformative Teaching and Learning Conference Theme: Writing a Winning Proposal
(1/20/16, 64 min.)
View recording here.
In this workshop we will:
  • Discuss the theme of the upcoming OU-Windsor Tenth Annual Teaching and Learning Conference
  • Learn what transformative teaching and learning looks like
  • Learn how to submit a winning proposal
This workshop is facilitated by Judy Ableser, Director of CETL.

Overview of A.S.L. and OU Initiatives
(1/12/16, 73 min.)
View the recording here.
This workshop discusses:
  • Overview of ASL and Experimental Learning
  • Why it is so relevant, meaningful and important
  • Overview of Pontiac and other OU initiatives
  • Overview of ASL/EL task force
  • Example of a model being effectively implemented
This workshop is facilitated by Tanya Christ, Bob Maxfield, and Krista Malley.


For past workshop recordings, the OU community can visit our CETL Workshop Recordings eSpace. For visitors beyond OU, contact Judy Ableser.


Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning Presents

Five Foundational Modules for Faculty Development

Created by Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

... a place to start and build your approach to teaching.

To supplement our on-campus workshops and provide teaching resources for faculty unable to attend these workshops, we offer online modules that that equip faculty to plan teaching strategies based on current data on student learning. This curriculum, created by Ontario Institute of for Studies in Education at University of Toronto, offers five foundational modules for faculty development:

  • Planning for Learning
  • Integrating Online Technology for Learning
  • Assessing for Learning
  • Teaching for Learning
  • Exploring for Learning

In conjunction with these modules, we offer connections to Oakland University’s resources, opportunities to practice and implement these strategies, and reflection on the curriculum.

All OU faculty can access these modules by clicking here and logging in to eSpace. 

MetaLearning: Growing Self-Directed Learners (Part 1)

Visit the conference resources for Carroll's MetaLearning resources.

MetaLearning: Growing Self-Directed Learners (Part 2)

Visit the conference resources for Carroll's MetaLearning resources.


The Learning Paradigm College (Part 1)

Visit the conference resources for more on Empowering Students to Learn.

The Learning Paradigm College (Part 2)

Visit the conference resources for more on Empowering Students to Learn.

Based in the OU Community
Tenure Workshops

Popular Videos on Teaching and Learning

Universal Design

Making a Mold that Fits Everyone
Effective teaching is not necessarily about making the individual fit the mold, but making a mold that fits everyone. McGill University in California offers a six-part video series on how to construct classroom design in order to accommodate every kind of student.  
  • Universal Design    
  • Including Diverse Learners: Providing Flexibility and Variety in Instruction and Assessment    
  • Online Lecture Resources: Recording Lectures and Posting Powerpoints    
  • Visual Mapping Software: A Collaborative Class Tool    
  • Participation    
  • Peer Evaluation: One-to-One Feedback
  • Ungraded of Optional Assignments: Instructor Feedback 

Access the video resources here.

Confessions of a Converter Lecturer: Eric Mazur

The Shift From Teaching to Helping Students Learn
"The shift from teaching to helping students learn."

Good teaching is often measured by teaching evaluations and student performance on tests, but even with high marks in both of these areas, Harvard physics professor Dr. Eric Mazur admitted that his students' ability to apply their knowledge did not measure up. "Who was to blame?" asks Mazur. "The students? The material? ... I came to the agonizing conclusion that the culprit was neither of these. It was my teaching that caused students to fail!" Dr. Eric Mazur, professor of physics at Harvard, recounts his revelation of what it means to be an effective instructor and evaluates teaching methods in the sciences beyond lecturing: peer evaluation, mental model building, active engagement, problem solving

Watch the abridged 18-minute video.

Access the full recording here.
Free Learning for All
The Changing Face of Higher Ed: A Prediction
Epic 2020 introduces imaginings of how higher ed will change by 2020.
Access the full video.

OU Student Production: What Makes a Good Professor?  
What Makes a Good Professor?

Professor Walks on Water Mixture (Alberto Rojo, Physics)

Intro Broadcasting (Christine Stover, Communications)

Dance in American Culture (Debi Bernstein-Seigel, Dance)


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