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Virtual Faculty Development

Faculty Development

New Courses Available!

Made by CETL for an Oakland University audience, these online workshops are made in eSpace to connect faculty and staff to learning opportunities online—anywhere, anytime. They build off of workshops offered on-campus to include teaching ideas, tool examples, and practical resources to help put workshop ideas into action right away. See also the opportunities to ask questions and share ideas with facilitators and fellow faculty. Enroll in each eSpace, and consult resources as needed.

Hybrid Teaching at OU Course

Whether new to hybrid teaching or seasoned in this blended approach, view example online activities and teaching tools to help you plan hybrid courses at OU. The eSpace include interactive videos, revamped forum structures, Moodle Book tools, and guides to help you translate "seat time" to engaging learning activities online. We have also included forums to ask questions of CETL and e-LIS, in addition to your faculty colleagues.

Digital Accessibility Course

Our Digital Accessibility Workshop is now offered online through eSpace, with additional simulations, tools, guides, and "check your knowledge" quizzes. Enroll in the eSpace to have ready access to the resources, and work at your own pace! Learn more about Digital Accessibility at OU.

Online Course Available: Five Foundational Modules for Faculty Development

To supplement our on-campus workshops and provide teaching resources for faculty unable to attend these workshops, we offer online modules that that equip faculty to plan teaching strategies based on current data on student learning. This curriculum, created by Ontario Institute of for Studies in Education at University of Toronto, offers five foundational modules for faculty development:

  • Planning for Learning
  • Integrating Online Technology for Learning
  • Assessing for Learning
  • Teaching for Learning
  • Exploring for Learning
Resource Library

CETL at OU Web Resources Library, on Google Drive

In order to make teaching and learning resources more searchable, accessible, and current, CETL organizes online resources on Google Drive in a public CETL at OU Web Resources folder. Browse resources organized by topic, search the folder by keyword, and save files of interest by downloading them or adding them to your My Drive.
Some resources available

CETL YouTube Channel

The CETL YouTube Channel features original videos on teaching and learning topics at Oakland University, from "Goals, Objectives and Learning Outcomes" and Universal Design for Learning, to faculty guides to Faculty Feedback and Degree Works. Subscribe to the channel to keep informed when we publish new helpful videos.

Universal Design for Learning  This series explains UDL, a set of learning design principles that increase access and reduce barriers for all types of learners. In short, these principles encourage a variety of ways for instructors to engage students, represent course concepts, and allow students to demonstrate what they have learned. This video series breaks down the three guiding principles of UDL (engagement, representation, and action and expression) and explains how UDL principles benefit specific student populations. All videos are about 5 minutes.


A part of CETL's 5-min video series on teaching and learning, this video introduces these terms and how they should guide course design that connects together all elements of class activities and assessments.

Transformative Teaching and Learning: 2016 OU-Windsor Conference Keynotes
Empowering Students to Learn: 2014 OU-Windsor Conference Keynotes

MetaLearning: Growing Self-Directed Learners (Part 1)

Visit the conference resources for Carroll's MetaLearning resources.

MetaLearning: Growing Self-Directed Learners (Part 2)

Visit the conference resources for Carroll's MetaLearning resources.


The Learning Paradigm College (Part 1)

Visit the conference resources for more on Empowering Students to Learn.

The Learning Paradigm College (Part 2)

Visit the conference resources for more on Empowering Students to Learn.

Popular Videos on Teaching and Learning

Universal Design

Making a Mold that Fits Everyone
Effective teaching is not necessarily about making the individual fit the mold, but making a mold that fits everyone. McGill University in California offers a six-part video series on how to construct classroom design in order to accommodate every kind of student.  
  • Universal Design    
  • Including Diverse Learners: Providing Flexibility and Variety in Instruction and Assessment    
  • Online Lecture Resources: Recording Lectures and Posting Powerpoints    
  • Visual Mapping Software: A Collaborative Class Tool    
  • Participation    
  • Peer Evaluation: One-to-One Feedback
  • Ungraded of Optional Assignments: Instructor Feedback 

Access the video resources here.

Confessions of a Converter Lecturer: Eric Mazur

The Shift From Teaching to Helping Students Learn
"The shift from teaching to helping students learn."

Good teaching is often measured by teaching evaluations and student performance on tests, but even with high marks in both of these areas, Harvard physics professor Dr. Eric Mazur admitted that his students' ability to apply their knowledge did not measure up. "Who was to blame?" asks Mazur. "The students? The material? ... I came to the agonizing conclusion that the culprit was neither of these. It was my teaching that caused students to fail!" Dr. Eric Mazur, professor of physics at Harvard, recounts his revelation of what it means to be an effective instructor and evaluates teaching methods in the sciences beyond lecturing: peer evaluation, mental model building, active engagement, problem solving

Watch the abridged 18-minute video.

Access the full recording here.
Free Learning for All
The Changing Face of Higher Ed: A Prediction
Epic 2020 introduces imaginings of how higher ed will change by 2020.
Access the full video.

OU Student Production: What Makes a Good Professor?  
What Makes a Good Professor?

Professor Walks on Water Mixture (Alberto Rojo, Physics)

Intro Broadcasting (Christine Stover, Communications)

Dance in American Culture (Debi Bernstein-Seigel, Dance)


Grade Negations

Professor's Office Hours

"B" Is an Equally Good Answer

We offer video recordings of our workshops, along with workshop slide presentations and handouts, and on our CETL Workshop Files eSpace to accommodate faculty unable to attend the on-campus workshops (usually scheduled during the week, 12:00-1:30 p.m.). For visitors beyond OU, contact Judy Ableser.