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Learning Communities

Learning Communities

are faculty-driven small groups that spend an academic year exploring a topic related to teaching and student success in higher education. Every winter faculty have an opportunity to submit an application to start an LC, and awarded LCs have $1,500 available for resources. More about Learning Communities and proposals.

Join a Learning Community

Faculty, staff, and graduate students are invited to join any of five exciting new learning communites (LC), which explore a wide range of integral teaching and learning topics. Select titles below to sign up for individual LCs. Learning Community activity officially begins Fall 2019, but sign up early for updates. Click on each title for a description and signup form.

Designing Quality Interprofessional Education (IPE) for Student Success
Facilitators:  Kris Thompson, Stephen Loftus, and Julia Paul

Join the IPE for Student Success Learning Community
Health care practice is changing to become more collaborative and team-based. Academic programs are involved in interprofessional education (IPE) to prepare students to work collaboratively in teams. This learning community will be for faculty, staff and graduate students interested in designing quality IPE for student success.

Hybrid Teaching and Learning
Facilitator:  Gregory Allar 

Join the Hybrid Teaching and Learning Community
This learning community will explore how to translate face-to-face learning activities into online activities designed to engage and personalize a hybrid (or blended) learning environment. Participants new and familiar with hybrid teaching will set personalized goals for developing hybrid activities.
Converting to a $0 Textbook Price Course Using Open Educational Resources
Facilitators: Julia Rodriguez, Dikka Berven and Caterina Pieri

Join the Open Educational Resources Learning Community

The purpose of this community is to learn about Open Educational Resources (OER) and alternatives to traditional textbooks and how they can impact student debt and enhance pedagogical practice.

Open to: Faculty/Staff/Grad Students

Integrating Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) in Developing Well-Rounded Future Healthcare Professionals 
Facilitator:  Misa Mi

Join the Integrating AHSS Learning Community

This Learning Community focuses will engage in collaborative discovery and learn about how AHSS can impact undergraduate and graduate students in the formative years of their academic career. 

Open to: Faculty/Staff/Grad Students

Storytelling Diversity: Pedagogy, Practice, Inspiration 

Facilitator: Adina Schneeweis

Join the Storytelling Diversity Learning Community

Complicated circumstances require collaboration; the only way to become stronger teachers, who address challenging issues and who prepare our students to engage with such situations, is through a collaborative environment. Telling stories about one another helps us make sense of experience, and helps bridge gaps - a necessary tool to teach our students in today’s disconnected and strained socio-cultural environment.

Open to: Faculty/Staff/Grad Students