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Faculty Development Institutes

What are Faculty Development Institutes (FDI)?

Faculty Development Institutes are sustained programs which run throughout the academic year and focus on developing a teaching strategy or approach. The cohort (10-15 members) meets approximately once a month with a coach/mentor. Times and dates will be decided by group members. 

The program provides an opportunity to learn new skills and strategies and then have time to develop, implement, reflect and revise them throughout the year. 

What is the difference between a Learning Community and FDI?

In many ways they are similar; a FDI can be classified as a type of Learning Community. The decision of a participant to enroll in a FDI or a Learning Community is usually based on interest in the offered theme or topic. FDIs tend to be more structured with the fall focusing on concept and skill development and then the participants working on their own projects in the winter such as course redesigns or teaching related scholarship. Learning Communities tend to evolve as they progress based on the interests of the participants. FDIs are aimed for faculty where as LC are open to faculty, professional staff and graduate students. FDIs are facilitated by a CETL faculty member (Faculty Fellow or CETL Director) where as other Learning Communities are run by interested university faculty or academic professionals.

2019-2020 Faculty Development Institutes: Call for Participants

CETL announces four Faculty Development Institutes (FDIs) beginning in Fall 2019. Register and attend each FDI's orientation session (early September) to learn about the topic and the year’s plan before signing up for the year program. FDI meeting dates and times will be determined based on participants’ availability, so even if you cannot attend the Orientation session, please follow-up with the facilitator and sign up for the full-year series.
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Fostering and Sustaining Service Learning Projects

Roger Chao,
Assistant Professor, Writing & Rhetoric

Learning Outcomes

  • Serve as a central hub for OU faculty and staff who are currently (or interested in) working with Metro Detroit-based organizations and services. Through regular meetings, this FDI will cultivate a space where members can “touch base” and reflect on the status of their ongoing projects
  • Collaboratively design templates and resources that will allow faculty to track the progress of their service-learning projects
  • Circulate and discuss contemporary scholarship on service-learning and community engagement and their possible application to curricula and projects.

Register for the Service Learning FDI orientation session on September 10. Join the year-long Service Learning FDI.

Mentoring for Emerging Faculty

Judy Ableser,
Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)

This Faculty Development Institute supports new and emerging faculty as they navigate the transition into academic life. The goal is to provide support as you balance teaching, scholarship, service and life responsibilities. The cohort provides a rich opportunity to build professional and social networks. This mentoring group supplements individual departmental mentoring. It is open to all faculty in their first three years.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply strategies and reflective practice that supports teaching and acclimation into campus life as an academic
  • Form professional and social networks and connections with other faculty who are also new/nearly new to teaching at a university
  • Provide an opportunity to extend, practice, reflect and reinforce skills and knowledge that are introduced during the “Nuts and Bolts of Teaching” workshops

Register for the Mentoring FDI orientation session on September 11. Join the year-long Mentoring FDI.

Redesign for Large Classes

Jonathan Yates,
Special Instructor, Biological Sciences
CETL Faculty Fellow

Learning Outcomes

  • Investigate strategies and practices for redesigning large courses
  • Develop simple but effective active learning and critical thinking activities to implement
  • Build a community with faculty by giving and receiving feedback on redesign ideas for your own class

Register for the Redesign for Large Classes FDI orientation session on September 12. Join the year-long Redesign for Large Classes FDI.

Networking for Special Lecturers

Judy Ableser,
Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)

Learning Outcomes

  • Special Lecturers from different disciplines will network and share ideas with each other
  • Develop a greater sense of connection and belonging to OU and colleagues
  • Address challenges and issues that Special Lecturers may encounter

Register for the Networking for Special Lecturers FDI orientation session on September 17. Join the year-long Networking for Special Lecturers FDI.