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Community College Partnerships

Through Oakland University's Community College Partnership Program, you enjoy the best of OU and the community college. These partnerships allow for joint admission and concurrent enrollment — creating a seamless higher education option. The program includes the following valued partners:
  • Macomb Community College (M2O)
  • Mott Community College (Mott2O)
  • Oakland Community College (O2O)
  • St. Clair County Community College (SC2O)

Benefits include:

  • Joint admission through one, free application
  • Concurrent enrollment at the university and community college, offering the flexibility to take courses at one or both institutions at the same time
  • Coordinated financial aid at both institutions by combining credit when you are concurrently enrolled
  • Expanded course selection
  • Timely completion of associate and bachelor’s degrees
  • Access to the on-campus resources of both institutions, including housing at Oakland University

  • Fall semester entry — by July 1
  • Winter semester entry — by October 1
  • Summer semester entry — by April 1
Dates also apply to current OU students who want to opt-in to a community college partnership program. Use this opt-in form