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Intern in Michigan connects employers to potential interns across the state!

For Employers

Looking for that all-star intern or new hire? Come to an OU career fair and connect to hundreds of educated, professional and highly-skilled students and alumni all at once. 

On campus career fairs are the most efficient way that your organization can build a presence at Oakland University. We make it simple for you to increase your visibility, promote your company brand, and find talented pool of applicants for positions you are looking to fill. 
Register your company or organization for an upcoming career fair with Handshake and submit a registration request form. There is a nominal registration fee to participate in an OU career fair. Registration includes on eight foot table for your company display, two recruiters and lunch. 
at OU
Interns are short-term employees. They may work 10-30 hours per week for three to nine months during the summer, fall or winter academic semesters. Students enrolled in a co-op program may be able to work 40 hours a week.

Internships are flexible.
Internships allow students to generate meaningful work experiences while still attending school. Supervisors should determine a regular work schedule to accommodate student coursework. 

Consider offering compensation.
Companies are not required to offer interns compensation, however many companies offer an hourly wage ranging from $8 to $20 per hour. If you are unable to provide an hourly wage, consider offering a monthly or semester-based stipend to offset student expense.

Plan ahead.
Internship descriptions should be posted at least two months prior to the proposed start date. This allows you time to screen several candidates, and gives the student time to arrange for academic credit, if applicable.

If your intern works out.
Often an internship is the springboard for full-time employment. Once the original internship is complete, companies are able to offer an extension or full-time position to the student.

If your intern does not work out.
In most cases, interns are treated as employees and the same laws apply. If your organization wants to terminate the internship, consult with your human resources department or seek legal counsel for further information and specific Department of Labor requirements.

Disclaimer for Employers
Oakland University and the Career Services Office are not responsible for the quality, integrity, working ability or other characteristics of students responding to job postings listed on Handshake.

The Career Services Office does not screen students who pursue job opportunities through this site and makes no recommendations regarding potential employees. Employers are encouraged to request references, verify qualifications and evaluate the suitability of employees for posted positions.

The Career Services Office cannot guarantee the accuracy of all postings and reserves the right to refuse postings. Use of this job posting website is entirely at the risk of users and the university disclaims any and all liability with regards to usage of this site.

Third-Party Recruiters
Please review the documents below regarding our Third-Party Recruiters Policy and Agreement form.

Third-Party Recruiter Policy
Third Party Recruiter Agreement
Intern Info

Companies vary widely on the type and length of internships they offer students. Some are part time, running about 20 hours per week during the semester, or 40 hours per week in the summer. Others can rotate throughout the year, or be taken as a year-long project. It is up to the student to ascertain what kind of internship fits their schedule.

Credit. The responsibility lies with the student to obtain academic credit for their internship. Internships for credit require the approval of the student’s academic unit, must be registered as a course and require tuition payment. Some academic programs do not offer internships for credit.

No-Credit. There are no requirements or restrictions for taking an internship for no-credit. Students can take multiple no-credit internships. There are no grades or faculty associated with this type of internship.

Handshake connects students to available internships and opportunities for part time, full time or freelance employment. Additionally, students can apply for available internships through independent research.
Interns can provide a variety of services and bring new skills to the workplace. They may also become your company’s talented new hire

Oakland University Students
Oakland University students bring a variety of skills to the table, including:
  • An up-to-date knowledge of technology and their field of study
  • Bring new ideas to the workplace
  • Prior work experience from the classroom, or co-op or internship

Why Use OU Career Services?
OU Career Services provides several advantages to companies seeking interns:
  • Inexpensive Career Fairs and free on-campus recruiting
  • Our free job site reduces the cost of advertising and lets employers view student and alumni resumes and interact with applicants online
  • Reduces the cost of training new employees and frees other professionals from routine tasks to work on special projects
  • Increases employee retention rate
  • Provides an opportunity to evaluate work performance and potential before offering permanent employment
  • Develops partnerships and engagement opportunities with the university
Non - Paid
Employers are not required to pay interns for their services, but should review the following guidelines:
  • Employers can post unpaid internship positions along with all other paid positions listed on Handshake. Career Services staff will review positions for posting within 48 business hours.
  • All non-paid internship positions must be career-related. If an unpaid internship is not career-related, Career Services may not approve other positions for that company.
  • Employers must include the following designation in the first line of the job description: “THIS IS AN UNPAID INTERNSHIP.” Unpaid internships may receive fewer student applications than paid positions.
  • There may be restrictions for students taking an internship for credit, such as a minimum GPA or minimum number of credit hours. It is the responsibility of the student to identify restrictions for their major and to arrange for academic credit.
  • Data on unpaid internships will be included in an annual report generated each year by Career Services.