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Program Information

For more information about the partnership, current and prospective Oakland students can contact:

David Lau

For more information about Wayne Law, contact:

Wayne Law Admissions

Wayne Law Partnership

This arrangement is for students who can qualify for a Bachelor of Integrative Studies (BIS) Degree with a minimum of 92 credits and meet the 3.4 GPA minimum.  Once students apply and are approved by BIS then gain acceptance in Wayne Law's program, they then can use their successfully completed first year of law school towards the completion of their OU degree.  To complete the degree they will need to successfully complete the BIS capstone course at Oakland University, HS 402 (Field Experience in Integrative Studies).

Program Information

Students will be able to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a law degree in six years through a new partnership between Oakland University and Wayne State University Law School.

Traditionally, earning a bachelor’s degree followed by a law degree would total seven years. With this agreement announced October 2015, students will transfer 30 credits from courses at the law school back to Oakland to meet bachelor’s degree requirements.

Interested? Contact BIS at (248) 370-3229 or

Tuition and fees will be paid to Oakland for classes taken there and to Wayne Law for classes taken at the law school.
Steps to Graduation

This 3 + 1 arrangement allows accepted students to complete their undergraduate degree with three years of study at OU and one year at Wayne State University Law School (students who transfer in may need less than three years).

Sophomore Year – Complete BIS Application


  • Meet with a BIS adviser and plan future courses. Set up an appointment at 248-370-3229 or


  • Meet with a professional adviser and faculty mentor to complete the BIS application.
  • Submit application for final approval by a BIS Faculty Review Committee.
  • Have at least 60 credits completed with a minimum 3.4 GPA.
  • Study for the LSAT. Take prep courses. Give preference to in-person courses.

Junior Year – Apply to Wayne Law


  • Continue studying for the LSAT (Josh Davis, Director of Admissions at Wayne Law recommends taking multiple full-length, timed practice LSAT exams.)
  • Sign up for and take the LSAT (September date preferred).


  • Re-take the LSAT in February (if desired) — it can be taken up to three times.
  • Complete Wayne Law Application with a minimum of 75 credits.
  • Gain admission. Acceptance is done holistically relying heavily on LSAT scores and undergraduate grade point averages.  

Senior Year – First Year of Law School


  • Wayne Law classes begin.



  • During OU’s early enrollment period, register for the Integrative Studies capstone course, HS 402, for the summer semester.


  • After the first year of law school is successfully completed, transfer the completed Wayne Law course work (30 credits) back to OU towards the fulfillment of their BIS degree requirements. These credits count at the 400 level.


  • Take HS 402.