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Gerard Madlambayan

Gerard Madlambayan
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
325 DH
(248) 370-3585
Lab location: 324 DH, 326 DH
Lab phone: (248) 370-3663 


  • BIO 1200 Biology I
  • BE   4300 Bioprocess Engineering

Research: The Role of Stem Cells in Cancer

Many cancers initiate from specific cancer stem/initiating cells (CSCs). While the field of CSCs is under considerable investigation, Dr. Madlambayan’s research utilizes a more global approach to define the integrated roles of different stem and progenitor cell populations in cancer initiation, progression and relapse. Dr. Madlambayan’s work has shown that bone marrow-derived stem cells including blood stem cells play a role in the growth of some cancers (lung and pancreatic) but not others (melanoma). He has also found that endothelial progenitor cells play an important role in the progression of blood related cancers. Dr. Madlambayan is also involved in discovering why regenerative microenvironments (i.e. limbs and tails) resist cancer growth using a salamander/axolotl animal model (Ambystoma Mexicanum). The overall goal of his research is to apply these findings towards developing clinically relevant drugs and drug delivery strategies to treat these diseases.

Selected Publications:

Pezeshkian, B., Donnelly, C., Tamburo, K., Geddes, T., Madlambayan, G.J. (2013)  Leukemia mediated endothelial cell activation modulates leukemia cell susceptibility to chemotherapy through a positive feedback loop mechanism.” PLoS One 8: e60823, Epub Apr 1, 2013.

Madlambayan, G.J., Bartee, E., Kim, M., Rahman, M.M., Meacham, A., Scott, E.W., McFadden, G., Cogle, C.R. (2012)  Acute myeloid leukemia targeting by myxoma virus in vivo depends on cell binding but not permissiveness to infection invitroLeukemia Research 36: 619-624.

Madlambayan, G.J., Meacham, A., Hosaka, K., Mir, S., Jorgensen, M., Scott, E.W., Siemann, D.W., Cogle, C.R. (2010)  Leukemia regression by vascular disruption and anti-angiogenic therapy. Blood 116:1539-1547.

Madlambayan, G.J., Butler, J., Hosaka, K., Jorgensen, M., Fu, D., Guthrie, S.M., Shenoy, A.K., Brank, A., Russel, K.J., Otero, J., Siemann, D.W., Scott, E.W., Cogle, C.R. (2009)  Bone marrow stem and progenitor cell contribution to neovasculogenesis is dependent on model system with SDF-1 as a permissive trigger. Blood 114: 4310-4319.

Madlambayan, G.J., Kim, M. (co-first authors), Rahman, M.M., Smallwood, S.E., Meachem, A., Hosaka, K., Scott E.W., Cogle, C.R., McFaden, G. (2009)  Myxoma virus targets primary human leukemic stem and progenitor cells while sparing normal hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. Leukemia 23: 2313-2317.

Madlambayan, G.J., Rogers, I., Purpura, K.P., Ito, C., Yu, M., Kirouac, D.C., Casper, R.F., Zandstra, P.W. (2006)  Clinically relevant expansion of hematopoietic stem cells with conserved function in a single-use, closed-system bioprocess. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant  12: 1020-1030. 

Madlambayan G.J., Rogers, I., Kirouac, D.C., Yamanaka, N., Mazurier, F., Doedens, M., Casper, R.F., Dick, J.E., Zandstra, P.W. (2005)  Dynamic changes in cellular and microenvironmental composition can be controlled to elicit in vitro human hematopoietic stem cell expansion.  Experimental Hematology  33: 1229-1239.