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President - Shailesh Lal 

Vice President - Sumi Dinda  

Secretary - Michael Polis        

Treasurer - Lakshmi Raman

Sigma Xi


FRIDAY, MARCH 27, FROM 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

116 Engineering Center

Bringing Genetics & Genomics to the Clinic:  What, Where, and When

Dr. David Ginsburg

James V. Neel Distinguished Professor and Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI

Following his lecture, the Annual Sigma Xi Dinner will be held in the Christopher Wren Dining Room of Meadow Brook Hall. The event begins at  6:00 pm. with guest gathering in the Great Hall for hors d'oeuvres or a tour of Meadow Brook Hall. The formal program begins at 7:00 PM. The cost of the banquet is $25 per person or $10 per student. The dinner is FREE for new members being inducted into Sigma Xi. 

If you would like to attend, send a check made out to Oakland University and dated March 27, 2015, to Shailesh Lal, Department of Biological Sciences. If you desire a vegetarian meal, or have any other special needs, please include a note with your check. Checks must be received no later than Monday, March 16, 2015. 

OU Undergrad Erin Feeney Wins Sigma Xi Award

Ten students were selected to be interviewed about the research projects they presented at the 2014 Sigma Xi International Research Conference. 

The students were placed in divisions including high school, undergraduate, or graduate. The categories were multidisciplinary, ranging from astronomy, chemistry, engineering, physiology, and many others. 

Amy Siebert-McKenzie, Oakland University, Graduate Division


"My project involves the identification and characterization of the Actr2 gene in the modification of thrombosis susceptibility. And the reason that we are trying to do this is so we can gain a better understanding of the events leading to and from thrombosis in an effort to potentially derive novel therapeutic strategies or targets."

Cell Biology & Biochemistry: "Identification and Characterization of Actr2 as a Major Thrombosis Modifier Gene in the Mouse."

Click here to listen to Amy discuss her research

 Ten Oakland University undergraduates and graduates presented their research at the Sigma Xi Annual Meeting & International Research Conference in Glendale, AZ, November 6-9, 2014 

Undergraduate Iva Sinamati wins award at 2013 Sigma Xi Conference

Oakland University has an active chapter of Sigma Xi, the national scientific research society. The goal of Sigma Xi is to promote the health of the scientific enterprise and honor scientific achievement. If you want to be added to the OU Sigma Xi email list, to get reminders about lunch seminars, the annual initiation banquet, and other events, send a request to Shailesh Lal (

Membership in Sigma Xi is by nomination which is conferred in one of two ways, and is NOT dependent on the nominee having a specific education degree. Students and non-students follow the same review process.

  • Full Membership is conferred upon any individual who has shown noteworthy achievement as an original investigator in a field of pure or applied science or engineering.
  • Associate Membership is available to any individual who has, through initial research achievement in a field of pure or applied science, shown an aptitude for research.
  • Promotion to Full Membership is available to individuals who were previously elected as an Associate Member and who now meet the requirements for Full Membership noteworthy achievement may apply for promotion using the same protocols listed here.

Please see Qualifications for Membership for more information.

New membership: Download and complete a nomination form. A Full member must nominate the candidate; a Sigma Xi officer will second the nomination.

Submit the completed form with a check payable to Sigma Xi to cover the cost of annual dues to:

Shailesh Lal, President, Sigma Xi, Biological Sciences, Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309

New members can be processed at any time. New members joining before July 1st end up getting a few months free! 

You can also apply directly to the Committee on Qualification and Membership via an online form, but please do NOT apply to both a Chapter and the Committee. This will only delay the processing of your nomination. 

Annual renewal & Dues rate: Annual dues renewal notices are mailed from the National office in January. You can pay your dues online at the Sigma Xi website. A complete list of rates is available online. Please be sure to add $5 local chapter dues to your annual renewal.

The Oakland University chapter of Sigma Xi is supported by funding from the Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and by the members of Sigma Xi.