AP Association Officers

AP Association Officers

Executive Board

Sara Webb
121 NFH2652crampton@oakland.eduPresident2016-2017
Tricia Westergaard
101 ODH4585westerga@oakland.eduPresident-elect2016-2017
Steven Shablin
101 ODH4581shablin@oakland.eduPast President2016-2017
Jennifer Janes121 NFH2733rosebroc@oakland.eduSecretary2016-2018
Joshua Stotts106 ODH3471jastotts@oakland.eduTreasurer2015-2017
Rebecca Lewis
85A RAC4910lewis236@oakland.eduRepresentative Bands J-R2015-2017
April Thomas-Powell
3035 HHB8711thomaspo@oakland.eduRepresentative Bands J-R2016-2018
Cindy Hermsen
120 NFH2550hermsen@oakland.eduRepresentative Bands S-X2015-2017
Greg Jordan155E RAC4888jordan@oakland.eduRepresentative Bands S-X2016-2018
Marie VanBuskirk157 RAC2663taylor4@oakland.eduMember at Large2015-2017
Kelly Brault
102 ANI4921brault@oakland.eduMember at Large2016-2018
2017 Call for Nominations

Participation in the AP Association is a great way to serve the campus community.  The AP Association will accept nominations for open executive committee positions from Monday, February 6 through Friday, March 17, 2017. Online elections will take place from Monday, April 3 until Friday, April 21, 2017.  If you are interested or know of an administrative professional who would like to serve in any of the open positions listed, please email your nomination to apelections@oakland.edu with the name of the organization in the subject line (AP ASSOCIATION NOMINATION).

Questions about the AP Association elections?

Please contact Steve Meyer at meyer234@oakland.edu or Petra Knoche at ppankova@oakland.edu.

Open positions:

  • (1) President-Elect (2017-2020) – a 3 year commitment serving in the roles of president elect, president and past president. 
  • (1) Treasurer  (2017-2019)
  • (2) Representatives for Bands J-R (2017-2019) 
  • (1) Representative for Band J-R (2017-2018)         
  • (1) Representative for Bands S-X (2017-2019)           
  • (1) Member at Large (2017-2019)          

 *Note that an individual may only run for one office