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What's New

What's New?

Accounts Payable provides the latest information about processes, forms and other valuable tips on this page. Check back often to learn more.

Travel Expense Summary ("TES")

We have improved the Travel Expense Summary form for travel in the Continental US. Improvements include:
  • Just one document for all users - no longer one form for PC users and one for MAC users
  • Allows for more clear input of mileage reimbursement
  • Per diem input is on the form itself, instead of having a separate page to complete and print  
As a reminder, mileage will be reimbursed for business miles traveled above and beyond your normal commute.  In order to assist travelers with mileage reimbursement calculations, we have created a Mileage Reimbursement Guidelines document.  Please be sure to review this document before traveling in your personal vehicle on University business.
Also new is the "OU Monthly Mileage Log" to be used for mileage and parking-related expense reinbursements requests vs. using a full TES form. You can find this form here in the A/P website under Forms - “Miscellaneous Forms”.

You may locate the new TES and the Mileage Reimbursement Guidelines document in the Forms (Payment Vouchers and Related Documents) or in the Travel (Travel Forms) sections of this website.

Banner Accounts Payable Upload
Some preferred provider activity (Detroit Pencil, Fisher Scientific and Fifth Third purchasing card) posts to departmental fund ledgers electronically. Review your ledgers monthly to check that your charges for these accounts match your monthly statements.

Beginning November 2008, Detroit Pencil is our new office supply vendor and uploads of Detroit Pencil charges to the ledgers will show a 2% discount  each month.  Match your delivery slip order number to the order number in the ledgers; the amount charged to the ledgers should be 2% less than the order total. Contact Accounts Payable or Purchasing with questions about Detroit Pencil monthly charges.

SmartData OnLine ("SDG2")

You now have the ability to allocate your P-Card transactions allocations online, as opposed to through a Journal Voucher.  Refer to the FAQ section of this site for frequently asked questions regarding SDG2 or the “Purchase Card Forms” page for a link to the SDG2 Online User Guide.

Non-Payroll Direct Deposit

If you are an employee expecting a business expense reimbursement, you must be set up for direct deposit.  Please refer to the FAQ section of this site for instructions.

Pepsi Brand Beverages

Pepsi is the exclusive beverage supplier for Oakland University.

According to OU's agreement with Pepsi, products manufactured by Pepsi are to be the only beverage products of their respective types sold, distributed, advertised, displayed, sampled, or otherwise made available on OU's campus. This means that even when it comes to reimbursements, you must purchase Pepsi products either directly from Pepsi or from a vendor who sells Pepsi products.

Aquafina is Pepsi's bottled water brand. For a comprehensive look at all of Pepsi's beverage brands, please visit their website here.

Please be sure to notify new employees, as well as remind long-term employees who are responsible for beverage purchases.