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Payment Vouchers and Related Documents

Below you will find all of the documents to use when processing payments.
Click on the document name or the link below the name to access the document.

Use the payment voucher to process payments for direct purchases, purchase orders, reimbursements, and honoraria. If the purchase is under $5,000, always consult exhibit 3 of policy 1000 to see if a P-Card is an acceptable form of payment.
Use the multiple check voucher to process similar payments to multiple payees, resulting in a separate check for each payee.
Use the recurring payment voucher form for payments that occur at regularly scheduled intervals and where the payee, payment amount, and accounting distribution remain constant.

  • Small Order Purchase ("SOP") - Pre-numbered forms available through the Purchasing department.
Always refer to exhibit 3 of policy 1000 to determine whether or not a PO is required for a purchase. If a PO is not required AND a Payment Voucher nor a P-Card are not acceptable forms of payment, use an SOP.

Use the TES form for travel in the Continental US.  This form should be completed even if there are no reimbursable expenses.

The mileage reimbursement guidelines document will provide you with information to assist with calculating mileage reimbursement.
Use the foreign TES for travel to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories & foreign countries.